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4 Ayurvedic Home Remedies that Make the Kidneys Strong & Prevent Renal Failure


This article gives you Ayurveda home remedies to tackle kidney failure – a disease that is commonplace in this age where we always eat unhealthy food and have little to no physical activity.


  • Renal failure is a condition where the kidneys weaken and are unable to flush out toxins and other impurities from the blood.
  • Diet and sedentary lifestyle plays a major role in bad kidney health.
  • Ayurveda has home remedies to improve this condition

Today, diseases have become commonplace due to our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. People fall ill easily, and one of the major health issues that people face these days is renal failure where kidneys are unable to flush out ama (toxins) and other impurities from the rakta dhatu (blood). With this, a lot of dietary and lifestyle restrictions are imposed.

However, Ayurveda offers a few simple home remedies to make the kidney’s strong and healthy.

  • Radish leaves juice is beneficial for the kidneys. Have a cup of this fresh juice twice every day. It acts as a blood cleanser and flushes out toxins and other unwanted byproducts of digestion.
  • Watermelon is low in potassium and has a high water content so it is good for someone with renal failure. However, restrict your intake to just one bowl per day.
  • Cook the beetroot until it softens and strains it. Have two to three cups of beetroot juice daily.
  • Figs are also beneficial to remedy kidney-related complications. Prepare a concoction by boiling two figs in a cup of water. Have this freshly prepared drink on an empty stomach every day for a month.

Although it might seem like a difficult battle to fight, you need to be patient and make certain changes to your lifestyle and diet. After all, nothing is achieved in a day. You should also increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet to keep your kidneys working without a hitch.

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